3 Lily Pads

A luxurious accessories brand by Fiorella Di Lorenzo, inspired
by classic patterns and European tailoring. Fiorella studied
textile and fashion design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.
She worked as a fashion designer both in the USA and South
America since 1996 and became a professor in the Fashion
Department at Miami Int’l University. She also authored the
book, Tailoring Techniques for Fashion.
Teresa Cambi

Founded by brother-sister duo who both have a great passion
for Fashion, Teresa and Giacomo Cambi have been designing
and making bags as a hobby prior to starting their company in
2006.Teresa Cambi bags are not just aesthetically pleasing but
highly functional with great quality and attention to detail. All
their bags and accessories are exclusively made in Italy.

Founded in January 2010 by sisters, Bridget and Megan
Torregrossa in New York City. Torregrossa designs, produces,
and distributes high-quality luxury handbags, clutches,
and oversized clutches. The bags in the Torregrossa collection
are hardwearing, lightweight, constructed in shape, and all
produced with rich leathers and extravagant exotics.
Kate Spade

Utility, wit and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of
Kate Spade New York.  Graceful, exuberant approach to the
everyday is evident in every piece they make. Kate Spade has
over 80 retail shops and outlet stores across the united states,
and more than 100 shops internationally.

The world of Luxury is an allure, with an appeal that lies not so
much in the image of a famous brand, as in the certainty of
acquiring something rare, timeless & of exceptional quality…

Mulberry was established with modest roots in Somerset,
England and has emerged into a international fashion brand
over the years and through countless bags.
Tohni Bekka

Tohni Bekka is a luxury brand of leather handbags made with
the finest materials. Tohni Bekka’s story began at the
Columbus College of Art & Design, when fashion design
students were asked to create a leather handbag. The project
was a success and everybody loved the bag she made, she
decided to produce handbags and in 2012 the Tohni Bekka
brand was born.

The house of FENDI was established in Rome in 1925 with
the opening of the first FENDI boutique – a handbag shop
and fur workshop. Soon winning international acclaim, FENDI
emerged as a brand renowned for its elegance,
craftmanship, innovation and style.

Frank Smythson opened his first shop in 1887 at 133 New
Bond Street. His trade card described his business as ‘First
class stationery, leather goods and cabinet work’. Smythson
use the finest quality leathers in exclusive patterns and colours.
Linell Ellis

Linell Ellis is a luxury handbag and accessory collection
designedand produced in the USA. Linell Jackson carefully
and lovingly designs each handbag with attention to detail. Her
designs are known for the creative use of color, prints and
luxurious leather that can stand the test of time.

The Homanz line of design is furnished with high quality material
merging popular and classic styles. HOMANZ, the English
translation of designer Shirley’s Chinese name “HO” meaning
“Mighty” & “MAN” meaning “Culture & Literary. Homanz is an
expression of elegance and inner charm for the ladies of today.

LAGGO is a statement, a style created by meticulous
craftsmanship. It stands for luxury and innovative design. The
collection embodies color and thoughtful details that turn
LAGGO into a lifestyle.

Avid vintage shoppers, the team focused on the things that
spoke to them: attention to detail, original styles and distinctive
textures. Where the individual – not the accessory –
made the statement.

Cleobella is a travel inspired collection with a simplistic and
feminine style. The collection consists of a Handbags, Clutches,
and Wallets. 100% hand crafted in Indonesia...Each bag is
special and unique.
Joanna Maxham

The collection combines understated palettes and effortless
silhouettes, beautifully infusing luxury into everyday functionality.
The brand delivers fresh, chic and wearable accessories that
are the perfect companion for the woman who exudes both a
classic uptown sensibility and a tasteful downtown edge. Joanna
works hand in hand with European artisans to develop her
Florian London

Florian London is a lifestyle brand defined by British sophistication,
class and elegance. The brand was created after having the idea
that they could make a great difference in ladies luxury leather
goods whilst keeping to a sensible and attainable price point.
They create timeless pieces with great craftsmanship and quality
in latest color trends.
Gregory Sylvia

Gregory Sylvia was founded by husband and wife, Gregory
Pope and Terri “Sylvia” Pope. Through innovative design
Gregory Sylvia product lines create a sense of timeless appeal.
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, they are a fast-growing brand
within the luxury leather goods market. Their style of luxury is
not confined by trends, but is distinguished by its permanence.

Established in England in 1881, Eastide is known for making
superb handmade handbags. Eastide started a revolution in
the handbag industry by making handbags with high quality
new material calfskin leather. Today, EASTIDE has come back
to the forefront of fashion world. They specialized in
manufacturing high quality REAL calfskin leather products.

DIZAIND is a bespoke fashion brand, born in Switzerland in
2015, with stylish deluxe bags at its heart. It offers shoppers
the opportunity to design their own bag or add a personal touch
to trendy and classic models online. DIZAIND bags are
individually handcrafted from top quality materials by skilled
artisans, creating an empowering sense of authenticity
and personal luxury.
Brandy Moon Collection

The Brandy Moon Collection by model/actress Brandy Moon is
handmade in Italy by Italian skilled labor with over 60 years
experience. The collection is a collaboration of Italian-style
design and craftsmanship bringing you the finest quality
Available. Each product is designed by Brandy Moon to be
timeless and manufactured in keeping with the best of
traditional Italian style and excellence!
Sarep + Rose

Based in New York City, Sarep + Rose’s ornate handcrafted
bags are made to help develop the African craft industry by
bringing Liberia's craftsmanship to the global stage. Their bag
makers travel around the continent searching for the best
leathers and materials for their designs. Most of the leather is
said to come from Mali and Guinea, which are both
rich in traditional cattle-herding communities.
Meredith Ray Collection

Founded by a Fort Worth, Texas designer. The Meredith Ray
design aesthetic is of a pure, classy style enhanced by
wonderful, colorful skins. The designer wanted to create bags
using exotic skins that would lend themselves to a simplistic
design. Their bags are classic, timeless, and above all
88 Bags

As wide as the sky, as forward looking as humanity living and
working in space, as lucky as it is possible to be and full of love.
88 is a collection of high quality vegan bags, individually tested
for durability and made with high quality vegan leathers. 88
develops their own custom hardware with a focus on the best
way for the environment and designed by a team that works on
design for brands world wide.
GRIP Handbags

GRIP is an exclusive line of edgy and contemporary clutches
designed by Danielle Marie. She is currently attending
Pepperdine University, and working to earn a Masters degree
in Media Production. Her appreciation for art has lead her to
discover her talents as a designer. She won the &
Independent Handbag Designer Awards for ‘Best Student
Made Handbag.”
Anya Hindmarch

The Anya Hindmarch brand is synonymous with beautiful
craftsmanship, exceptional quality, bespoke products,
personalised pieces and an element of humour. Despite its
huge global success, it retains the appeal of a niche brand
and is not part of a group.
Jacqueline Suriano

Jacqueline Suriano is an ethically driven handbag company
that focuses in its unique design and excelling in its overall
good quality. Each of their bags are part of a long-term
fundraising initiative, #PURSEuingOpportunities, which partners
with ConectArte and United Nations World Food Programme to
support at-risk-youth.
Shana Luther

Modern, clean design made with thoughtfully sourced materials
and impressive craftsmanship is the Shana Luther Handbags
design philosophy. Shana designs for the independent woman
who knows quality when she sees it. Luxurious yet tough,
Shana's designs are meant to be carried season after season
without being a passing trend. Shana Luther Handbags are
proudly designed and produced in Brooklyn, NY.

Madrid, 1846. A group of leather artisans struggle to meet
demand for coin purses, boxes and bags. Enrique Loewe
Roessberg later forges his expertise in leather with that of
these local craftsmen. Loewe is born.

Founded in 2004, the MISCHA label originated as an expres-
sion of founder Michelle Lai’s love of vintage Japanese kimono
& obi. Embodying chic simplicity, the interlocking hexagon
pattern has become their iconic mark. Designed with a
globetrotter’s lifestyle in mind, the line of coated canvas totes
and accessories have become a staple of the jet set and are
found in luxury stores world wide.

Fuscra is a line of eco-friendly wooden bags designed by
Morena Scrascia, a highly creative urban planner. She likes to
transform various materials into wearable sculptures in order to
give them a new form, a new life and a different story to tell,
because she believe that things have souls. Each bag is a
sculpture, each timber is natural and has its own perfume.
Delicately made with great attention to detail in Italy.
Day's Eye

High quality convertible bags designed by Catalan/Spanish
born, Margarida Kessens. After completing her Bachelors’
Degree at the FIT in New York, she worked for several years
in the textile and fashion industry. After years of searching for
a stylish, high quality handbag that could be easily converted
to a backpack, she launched Day's Eye, LLC.

Where Fashion meets Bold and Fearlessness. Gouboi
Handbags offers quality bags that can be worn from day to
night at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. Their line
includes crossbody bags, satchels and backpacks with clean
lines and amazing colors. Truly timeless pieces you shouldn’t
live without.
Orley Havens

Orley Havens finds the sweet spot of fashion, quality and fun.
style that makes you smile! After an unsuccessful search for
cool, high quality handbags at affordable prices that
complimented her individual style, Lauri Michael, an NYC
artist/fashion designer,designed bags  with heart and humor,
and Orley Havens was born.
Ruche & Hues

Ruche & Hues is a luxury fashion brand that designs and
manufactures handcrafted party bags and purses for women
with preciousness! Their designs are inspired by nature and it
shows in the textures, details and patterns. Headquartered in
New Delhi, India, R&H is a flagship brand of NI Designs jointly
owned by Nitya Mittal Biswas and Isha Gupta. They produce
masterpieces that are "Designed for the Moment!"
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