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Prom Dresses
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Why you should get a custom made and never order online and local
boutiques should be your last resort.
Prom season is upon us and we are getting a lot of inquiries on prom styles so we decided to make research and asked a lot of insiders for awesome
tips they can share with us and here's what we found. Custom made prom dress is where it's at and here's why. You are going to prom only once
in your life (or twice the most) and you want this event to be very special, you don't want to be like everyone else and risk having another girl wear
the same dress you found online or at some local boutiques. If it's out there in the stores, online or local brick and mortar, chances are it's mass
produced and someone in your school could pick it up too! You want to be unique. With custom made prom dress, you can have any design you like
or a combination of styles you like and can even ask the designer to make you something unique in a color and fabric you like and that's fitted exactly
on you! there's nothing classier and more couture than custom made dress!

Never order ready-made gowns online! We have heard thousands of stories of disappointed customers who ordered dresses online especially for
long special occasions dresses because it often look different in person especially the cheaper ones that are made in china, anything less than $300 often
comes with really cheap looking materials; get easily ripped or comes in a slightly different color than it looked online and other problems. Plus you won't
be able to try it on and the fit is very important, no matter how lovely the dress, if it's not fitted on you, it would not look nice.

Save yourself the headache and let the custom designer make your dream dress, they can put together the design, find the materials and create a high quality
beautiful dress only for you. With just a couple of hundred dollars more you will have a peace of mind and once in a lifetime prom experience that you will
not regret if you look back 10 or 20 years from now.  Average custom prom dress starts at $600 and depending on the style and materials you will choose
you can have one of a kind mermaid dress or a grand princess dress! You are unique and special, celebrate it! Do not deprive yourself of something special,
you can always save and make money but the memories and photos lasts forever.  Plus, getting a custom made dress is an awesome experience by itself.

Try NYC/NJ leading custom made dresses designer CaeliNYC at www.caelinyc.com, they offer great custom made services at a very reasonable price,
an experience you would enjoy and never regret. With hundreds of happy customers under their belt, you would want to go to a reliable company that's
been tried and tested over the years. A company that's been around for over 10 years and knows everything about prom dresses!
Photo by CaeliNYC, leading custom made dresses company in NYC and NJ area.