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Stylish Men: Travis Burns
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Travis Burns
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Who: My name is Travis Burns, I am an actor and model. Also, I have been studying photography
for 2 years now. Photography is definitely the career path I want to pursue.

From: I am from Bacchus Marsh, a little country west of Melbourne, Australia. Very peaceful
town to let your mind open and set free. Good with creating inspiration for potential up coming
Shoots. Living in Los Angeles, California

My Style: My style would be neat casual. Sundays and my days at home, so it is track suit
pants if it is cold and football shorts if it is hot. But always looking superior when leaving the house
at any time.

Style Tips for men: My first that should be, never wear tracksuit pants outside of the house,
the look is very untidy and not trendy. Never wear white socks under black shoes. Always look
refreshed and look after yourself. Always look sharp when you are out, as you never know who
you could run into.

Must Have: I believe everyone should have an iPhone or Smart phone. The phones can do
almost everything to organize you around, make the important calls and text, play your
favorite music, hold movies and photos, all for everyday usage.

Photo Credits: Steve Pinirou - Photographer.
Travis Burns