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New York Fashion Week
All about the Fringe
Jacqueline DePaul Interview
Peony Lim shared her travel style and packing list with us.
Peony Lim: Travel Style
It's All About The Fringe Fashion Rooftop Inspire: Jacqueline DePaul Interview
Fashion Rooftop Finds
Valentine Chic
Amazing pieces you can rock this Valentine’s Day.  
CaeliNYC Nestine Red Dress
available at
Sara Melissa Designs
"So Fly, Butterfly" Ankle Boots
available at
Ruche & Hues Abstract
Baguette available at
Sasha Berry Stone Rose
Scarf at
Bloom Jewelry
Bracelets at
Marcia Vidal Gold Mini Skyline
Necklace available at
Erickson Beamon Say
Cheese earrings at
Victoria Beckham
Crepe Dress
Stella McCartney Pink Lips
iPhone 5 Cover at
Moschino Vintage heart print
pleated skirt available at
Les Petits Joueurs Grace
Lolita Heart Clutch Bag