Hand Marbled Contrast Flounce Top
Hand Marbled Contrast Flounce Top

Hand Marbled Contrast Flounce Top

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Silk contrast flounce top with upcycled sleeves.

Silk orange and black hand marble dyed top with ruffled sleeves. The sleeves are made from upcycled fabric from a previous collection.

This garment is hand dyed and has undergone a special process which results in unique variations in print and colour intensity.

Low machine wash at 30 or cold hand wash only. Hang dry.


Hand dyed
Hand marble dyed sleeves
Azo free dyes
Upcycled, ruffled Sleeves
Made in Britain
Material: 100% Silk

About the Designer:

Edward Mongzar has a strong commitment to ethically conscious and sustainably made pieces and affords the Edward Mongzar woman the ultimate luxury – a clear conscience. You can trust that all of our pieces are made in safe working conditions, by people who are paid fairly and respected. All of Edward Mongzar’s pieces are hand marbled using the artisanal craft of hand marble dyeing. The way this process works with dye being added to the water and the dye then capturing the natural swirls and patterns of the water means that no two Edward Mongzar pieces will ever be the same. The patterns always come out unique and so every single piece is special and different

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