No. 63 Neroli Basil Room Mist - A C D C
No. 63 Neroli Basil Room Mist - A C D C
No. 63 Neroli Basil Room Mist - A C D C

No. 63 Neroli Basil Room Mist

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Powered by the world's most expensive flowers, this home fragrance will get people talking about how amazing your house always smells. The luxurious No 63 Neroli Basil Room Spray combines notes of rare neroli blossoms, powdery-clean white musk, and a hint of fresh basil to create an unforgettable (and extravagant) aroma. 

  • Our lavender vanilla pear room mist has a long lasting and room filling aroma
  • Hand poured in the USA using cosmetic-grade ingredients including a high concentration of fine perfume oils in a light alcohol base
  • Is a perfect gift for hosts & hostesses, party favors and place settings, or special occasions, holidays, weddings and anniversaries
  • Contains NO dyes, parabens, sulfates, pesticides or major allergens
  • Ingredients: water, isopropyl alcohol, surfactant, perfume oil
  • 3 fl oz | 88ml
  • Recyclable and reusable frosted glass spray bottle


What scents go well with neroli? Other citrus fragrances like orange, grapefruit, lemon and bergamot, as well as other floral scents like jasmine, iris, peony and lavender. We like blending in the unexpected - a touch of suede or herbal notes like mint and basil.

What is neroli used for? The orange tree produces the fruit that we eat and drink, it's branches are used to produce petitgrain oils, and the flowers are harvested for perfumes and essential oils. Beloved throughout history and across cultures, orange blossom flowers have symbolized purity, innocence, and are frequently used in weddings. Due to their abundance, these flowers also came to symbolize fertility.

What does a neroli blossom smell like? Some people describe the aroma as honeyed, airy and rich, with a hint of a tart, citrus-like essence. The scent is thought to promote feelings of relaxation and to alleviate stress and depression.

  • Easy to use - simply shake, spritz and enjoy the scent
  • Intended for room fragrance use
  • Do not ingest. Do not spray in eyes, face, or directly on skin. Do not spray on pets or in pet enclosures
  • Not recommended for use directly on clothing
  • Flammable: Keep away from open flames, heat and sparks