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Fashion Rooftop

The coolest lists. Meaningful stories. Everything fashionable. Shoppable Magazine + Media platform for inspiring global society to live well.

           "We aim to be a platform where one can discover well-crafted, made with purpose, unique and high quality products from the world's best brands, designers, artists and artisans both established and independent"
           FashionRooftop.com is a magazine for men and women, web shop and guide to everything good, unique and fashionable. We connect thousands of lifestyle and fashion lovers/shoppers to unique, responsible products and brands we believe in.
           Established in New York City in 2011 to bring the coolest list of companies and people in the fashion industry and meaningful stories. We have now expanded to curating unique finds from artists and artisans from all over the world both from our travel to exotic places and collaboration with creators that make high quality handcrafted pieces---sometimes from small towns that deserve a global audience. We are glad to bring pieces made with purpose and serve communities worldwide.
           Aside from marketing and promotion we are now including retail in our services. Our followers can now buy some of the items they see in the magazine straight from our site, from a few curated collections. We aim to be a platform where one can discover unique, handcrafted and high quality responsible products from the world's best ethical brands, designers, artists and artisans both established and independent. We support fair trade, slow fashion, ethically sourced items, ethically made products and sustainable companies.
          We also share unique places and pieces from our travels and take you along as we discover hidden gems, distinctive cultures and inspiring stories and together understand the world and its people. We'll uncover beauty of nature and mystery of foreign lands. We'll explore where people live, how they live, what they make, how they make it and the why behind it. We'll share amazing food and restaurants, noteworthy destinations, places to stay, what to pack, other tips and discoveries and see the world through our eyes.
           Bringing awareness to important and challenging topics is another aim. Celebrating nature, humans, morality, beliefs and purpose. We honor diversity in the world. We hope to be a media platform that inspires people to live meaningful and intentional life.
by claire burroughs caelinyc@aol.com