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Z.G.EST design unique pieces to last for many years, using exclusively biodegradable and surplus stock fabrics to free our Planet from hazardous waste. While putting a high emphasis on design, they strongly commit to the ethical production process and development of craftsmanship in Armenia. Mixing simplicity with sophistication, they create a story of elegance for the women who value quality, functionality and style. Their thoughtfully designed modern wardrobe essentials include oversized and comfortable pieces that suit all body types and give the feeling of confidence both at work and beyond office hours. 

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Acera Liven

Acera, a Taiwanese ceramic company founded in 1986, utilizes ancient artisanship techniques to develop innovative contemporary products. With its origin in ceramic crafting, ACERA’s lifestyle and wellness product brand, LIVEN, introduces unique processes and patented technology to continuously advance its design and manufacturing. Crafted with the highest
quality, LIVEN’s eco-friendly products are available in both traditional and modern motifs. LIVEN dedicates its product lines to inspiring vitality, health and

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The Cano Shoe

Transparently Fair and Traditionally sustainable. The conventional fashion industry uses up a lot of the world‘s resources. As as result, one of our major goals at CANO is to take more responsibility in protecting our environment. That’s why we strive to create Mexican huaraches and leather boots that are non-polluting and organically sourced. We love traditional craftsmanship and value the unique skills behind CANO's handcrafted products. We want to give the artisans the credit they deserve by paying fair wages, ensuring a professional work environment and improving their living standards.

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NOPIN seeks to highlight the nature philosophy and its characteristics: sense of unity, simplicity, humility and wisdom. At the birth of NOPIN, the sense of community and family is already present. NOPIN was born in 2006 from a dream of Paula and Alfredo, parents of Catarina Pinto, current designer of the brand. All the pieces are made with love in the north of Portugal, a very traditional area and valued for its centuries of experience in quality
fabrics and handicrafts of excellence.

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VIELLEX combines sustainability, quality and style in a holistic wellness framework. They believe that sustainability is about health and well-being of the planet, as well as health and well-being of people. Established in Calgary, Canada in 2017 with the idea to create “sustainable and timeless” classics in a contemporary setting that keep their customers well-outfitted beyond one season. Each piece is conceived in Canada with great care and attention to detail, design and quality.

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Belli Grau

What is imperfect is also beautiful to the eyes. Belli Grau is born out of the importance of giving each moment the value it deserves, of enjoying imperfection and living one day at a time.

Our leather handbags handcrafted in Spain are inspired by the Mediterranean spirit and by the flow of nature. We believe in timeless, authentic design and we stand up for ethical production. Handbags to last a lifetime - that is what we aim for.

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Augustha redefines timeless elegance through luxurious, sophisticated and unexpectedly playful footwear. Rethinking iconic styles with a bold confidence and empowering sensuality, Augustha creates beautiful, collectable pieces that will live in a woman’s closet forever.

Created in 2019 by Mónica Amaral, the brand was named after the Portuguese city of Braga, formerly called Bracara Augusta. Handmade in Portugal from high quality leather, Augustha unites the nostalgia of local craftsmanship with the language of modern luxury.

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Marcia Moran Jewelry

Born and raised in luscious Brazil, Marcia Moran decided to move with her family to sunny Los Angeles, CA, in 2002. Surrounded by artists and creativity, Marcia pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer in her new home.

Today, select luxury department stores and resorts across the globe carry Marcia Moran Jewelry -- making it not only a boutique treasure but an international fashion powerhouse. Hollywood darlings like Brie Larson, Yara Shahidi, Debbie Matenopoulos, Hoda Kotb, and Demi Lovato wore Marcia Moran Jewelry to special events.

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KIlesa Italia

Kilesa offers bags and accessories made with innovative materials and designs which are strictly Italian and handmade. Bianca Imbembo, the soul of Kilesa, knows how to guess and often anticipate the demands of the market. She has always carried out and made the Campania excellence known throughout the world by creating products with a logic of social responsibility and high quality. What KILESA’s mission denotes, is to be always attentive to issues of sustainability and environmental and social responsibility.

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Edward Mongzar

Edward Mongzar was founded with ethical and sustainable flow at its very core. Edward focuses on creating ethically conscious, sustainably made pieces. Their and marble dyeing process involves recycling water to reduce water consumption and waste and all of the dyed fabrics are dried in the sun’s natural heat, therefore reducing our use of electricity.Edward Mongzar has a strong commitment to ethically conscious and sustainably made pieces and affords the Edward Mongzar woman the ultimate luxury – a clear conscience. An independent British design label. 100% Sustainable Design, Ethical,, Handcrafted, Artisanal, Marbling, Hand Marble Dyed.

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Shoshanna Lee

Founded by Sandee Zahn in 2010. Sandee was inspired after taking a jewelry class with her daughter to make a few bracelets for party gifts and the demand was immediate. Through this evolution, combined with Sandee’s sense of classic and simple style, the creation of her jewelry line was born to exemplify the refinement of a woman who is both confident and comfortable in her own skin. Each new line represents Sandee’s personal journey through influences in travel, relationships and evolution. The line has developed a deep celebrity client base. It has been featured in a television series and continues to secure accounts at select boutiques across the country and internationally.

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Created from exceptional materials and designed to match your fashion and lifestyle, Tayroc's watches for men and women are offered at fair prices that don't break the bank. #itsdowntoyou Tayroc is focused on inclusivity; on being for anyone, anywhere, no matter their background, race or sexuality. On being a tiny window into the personality of a vast array of unique individuals.

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Sia Shafer

Founded by three generation of women, Sia Shafer aims to challenge the notion of 'traditional jewellery' by bringing an element of sophisticated fun to the process. These carefully curated pieces of luxury have a playful but refined feel which follow a minimal aesthetic and maintain a personality of their own allowing the wearer a creative outlet to express confidence with their style.
The thoughtful details and sometimes bold statements which are captured in 18 carat gold vermeil, redefine luxury and spell excellent craftsmanship for those in search of a niche label that offers

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Ara SUnwear

With our collections we want to offer minimalist, clean-lined design accessories.
Simple but more than basic.
We believe often it is the limited number of details on a style that makes it classy and timeless.

Fashion is not only a business sector but also means culture, history and a lifestyle that has the flavor of the most beautiful Italy. We promote a sober elegance inspired by nature and the past celebrating manufacturing, quality and sustainability.

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Ready-to-wear +  evening and bridal dresses in delicate fabrics and dazzling jewels designed by Claire Burroughs Perez, a fashion design graduate from Parsons School of Design in New York. She aims to empower women through her work by promoting authentic femininity, modesty, self-respect, true beauty and confidence.

Appealing and feminine yet comfortable and having an air of innocence and grace is her inspiration and philosophy ~ where glamour and modesty intertwine.

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Seven Saints

The Seven Saints collection was created for the spiritual seeker and born from a desire to blend fashion with meaning, beautiful design with a sense of purpose. Launched in 2016 by New Zealand-born, Los Angeles based jewelry designer, photographer, reiki master, and mother of two, Kaliah Shil'Ee, Seven Saints jewelry and aromatherapy is dedicated to bringing the spirit of the divine into our everyday lives. Kaliah spent the first part of her life wearing many hats and going down the road of the "expected" until a huge spiritual awakening took place within her, and she was led down a different path to discover her truest self.

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Emmaus Beauty

Aminah Sagoe, the founder of Emmaus Beauty believe in developing skin care products with natural and active ingredients that actually work, and that consumers can trust on their skin. After  struggling with various skin problems. With countless products available on the market, all claiming to work effectively. She set out to start educating herself about the different ingredients used in skincare products. Her search led her to the discovery of how each ingredient works on different skin types and concerns along with how to safely incorporate them into formulations to produce effective results and ensure their efficacy.

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Maria Kotsoni

Worn to stand out and impress, with an impact of high aesthetics and a unique approach to volume, Maria Kotsoni creates precious micro-sculptures that become one with the wearer; to adorn and be adorned. Bold, refined and original, each Maria Kotsoni piece bears the distinctive touch of the artist’s unique identity. Born and raised in an artistic family in the sun-kissed, historic island of Cyprus, designer jeweller and micro-sculptor, Maria Kotsoni, founded her eponymous brand in 2016 after having established her workshop|showroom in Nicosia. She holds a BA from Central Saint Martins, London.

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Ice Garden

iCE GARDEN A.508 started a women's accessories label specializing in handbags and small leather goods, founded by Sophie Sohee Chung. The label recently begins the womenswear line.  It was created by ideas when she lived in Tudor City Apartment 508 in New York City, and she was inspired by women who work in Sotheby's New York.

The Parsons graduate's label launched its first collection, 'A Perfect Shape Series,' in May. 2019.

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Annie Diamantidis

Annie Diamantidis is known for using the most luxurious materials on her handcrafted accessories. From a collection of exotic crocodile, python, ostrich, and stingray in bright bold colors and finished with genuine 14k gold hardware. In 2009 due to the growing demand of her luxury accessories she incorporated her sought after leather collection with 14GP hardware. Whether it’s her exotic collection or leather line, each design fuses feminity and contemporary style with exotic materials and unexpected hues creating timeless treasures.

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Emilia Mala

luxurious London based brand founded by Finnish-born designer Anna Tuomaala. The brand was launched with a beautiful range of silk scarves in 2017.
Emilia Mala focuses on printed silk scarves with strong graphics juxtaposing elegance and
edginess combining vintage glam into dark aesthetics. The prints are a combination of hand drawn illustrations and mixed-media art work.
Emilia Mala scarves are made in England from high-quality silk twill and carefully hand-finished
with rolled hems.

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Tiny Ink

Tiny Ink focuses on high-fashion techniques combined with the beauty and value of painting to create a unique design which has a deep personalized connected for contemporary women. The features of design spirit define the brand: Tiny Ink is contemporary and hand-painting technique, a powerful source of energy and attraction, minimalism and sophistication. The hallmarks of Tiny Ink include innovative approaches to shape and texture. The techniques of painting depicted on the hand-painting texture for all collection, create a special attraction and timeless Tiny Ink aesthetic.

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by M degrees watches are a contemporary twist on nostalgic design.  Our pieces are bold, elegant, and made to complement the modern woman.  Her chic and rhythmic style is captured in the fusion of urban elements and femininity.  Wear with everyday fashion or for memorable evenings in the big city.  by M degrees watches capture timeless beauty while you continue to shine.  M has been a watch buyer in the industry for many years. She has traveled all over the world in search of watch brands that never seen in the market. Also, she has attended exhibitions for seeing the latest designs.

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Caroline Chu

Founded in 2007, Caroline Chu Inc. is based out of San Francisco, California. Using her Info background in creative design and the high tech industry, Caroline brings you innovative formulas in sophisticated packaging for an overall indulgent experience. Made in small quantities, every product is personal, showcasing the world’s best-kept beauty traditions in a jar. Caroline Chu’s luxurious line of skin care and cosmetics prides itself on the blending of unique natural ingredients with the latest research on the beauty market.

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Anna Tim

ANNA TIM is a brand created for woman, who prefer to wear beautiful high-quality clothes. We use natural fabrics that are pleasant and comfortable to wear. We create bright images for active woman. There are things in our collections which are presented in smart-casual styles and for special occasions. Founded by designer Anastasia Timoshenko, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Their rmission is to create high-quality designer clothing that can be worn anywhere. Anna have successfully integrated classic and trendy look.

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Establishedin 2011 by Designer and Creative Director, Jordan Daniels. A brand designed to reflect stories through fabric. With a blend of vintage, contemporary, and luxury streetwear; Equalnox is the embodiment of when day and night become equal in length, known as the “equinox” Equalnox offers high quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, men's hats, shoes and outerwear and accessories. Equalnox is based in the United States.

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CHANGEANTE is a relatively young and internationally recognized label based in Germany with a particular focus on timeless architectural design and art. The multiversatile and unique style is inspired by the minimalist-conceptual ideas of the Bauhaus design and combines exceptional craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics. The classic designer piece, superficially clear and minimalist with a subtle sophistication, can be transformed into eight different bag types.Moreover, the combination of two sizes and multiple options for attaching chainstraps enables more than fifteen different design versions.

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