Slow Living Ideas For This Winter

Slow Living Ideas For This Winter

Slow down and enjoy life. It's a must to step back and clear our heads especially after a busy season. The Holidays can be taxing, with all events and activities on our schedule. No matter how fun and amazing it is, we need rest. Rest is something few people embrace as important, in a culture where we are told not to be idle and to constantly be productive, rest is more vital and more beneficial. Rest clears our heads and help us improve focus, it's also a doorway to more creativity and ideas. I believe that the best ideas come in silence and solitude. The winter season is perfect for this. As everything quiets down a little, days are shorter and weather colder, it's the perfect time to go inward. It's okay to relax! As someone who used to be a workaholic, I can tell you even cars and bears need a break. Too much of everything is never good. Now I enjoy my quiet Sundays every Sunday! I find small things to do that really touches my heart, to live with intention and find joy and meaning in small things---no need to rush. I'm more rejuvenated for the new week ahead, even if I really love my work, life is not all about work! A fine balance is necessary for a healthy and happy life.

Here are ideas for a slow living:


Get yourself a lovely journal and pour your heart out. No one else need to see your journal. It's your little happy place where you share all your secrets and dreams. Know yourself even deeper than might discover some hidden treasures! Take your time, let it flow.. don't push yourself to do anything..remember this is part of your rest, it's supposed to be a more relaxing activity.


If you are lucky to be near nature then walk in nature! It's healing and relaxing. If not, then just go for a walk anywhere preferably a more quiet area. Walking in nature has great benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health.


Revisit old hobbies you've been too busy to do. Whether you are into painting, salsa dancing, knitting, gardening, swimming, hiking, skiing, pottery, winemaking, baking  or anything that sets your soul on fire. Doing activities you love automatically relaxes you.


What's better than reading a good book in a cozy setting. Relax under a plush blanket, light a candle and get a hot cocoa and immerse yourself in another world and rich ideas.


Yes, you read that right, just sit and relax! The ultimate relaxation. Be present in the moment.  If you are lucky enough to have a nice nature view or are able to go to a vacation place near a mountain or the sea, just sit and watch the view. This deeply relaxing practice where you allow yourself without guilt to just be, just relax and enjoy the moment. This is precious.


This habit of reflecting upon your life is like making a roadmap to a better future. To reflect is to see if we are on the right track in life and we are living our best life, if we are following our own path or are we just lost in the currents of this world. To tap into our core self and ask deep meaningful questions that could potentially shape the course of our life for an even better and more purposeful way. Reflecting allows us to touch and acknowledge the deepest parts of our souls to help us live a more authentic life.

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