Independent Brand: Interview with Mia Siya

Tell us about you and how your brand started.

Mia Siya is the epitome of self-expression, a creatively inspired platform where you choose the jewelry that appeals to you and blends it with your personal style to then make you feel like a true 'Goddess'. I always have been fascinated by how and what jewelry does to a woman, the minute she adorns one of her favorite pieces, be it a minimalist piece or a chunky & statement piece of jewelry. That same fascination inspired me to start Mia Siya in January 2018 when our only son turned 21. It was the birth of my second baby!

What sets your brand apart from other brands?

My brand, Mia Siya focuses on the loyalty and 'purity of the relationship' it forms and then maintains, with its 'first-time' customers or repeats, the respectful and sincere service it provides, and the unique experience it extends.

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Have you always wanted to be a designer?

There was an inclination towards drawing and sketching at a very young age, which I honestly did not pay much attention to, until much later in life when our only son reached high school and being a stay-at-home Mommy, the desire & the keenness to do something of my own, sparked that same interest I had as a child. 

What is your favorite piece in your collection and why?

 Being a Cancerian, I am a lover of pearls. So, Ella Necklace from the 'Pearl Collection' which showcases baroque pearls is my favorite!

“The Pearl is the Queen of the gems and the gems of the Queens” - Grace Kelly

What is your company philosophy, purpose or mission?

I adore seeing women wear jewelry with pride and enthusiasm. But, when a lady can't purchase a particular piece because of the hefty price tag, that bothers me. Mia Siya has a mission to bring to its clients, such designs that exceed their highest reach in terms of quality, but is also comfortable in one's pocket.  No one should walk away from Mia Siya because the price is outrageous and highly exaggerated.

Our philosophy has always stayed intact from the day the brand was launched: which was/is to stay loyal to their clients: be the first timers or our repeat ones! You will always become our 'long-term friend'.

Our purpose was/is to create a lasting relationship between a customer and our business, whether they buy the pieces or not or just know of us and trust our name. It is their trust in our brand that will always bring them back to us.

What are your plans for your brand going forward?

Mia Siya is looking to widen its categories and add some ethnic and free-spirited products! As far as jewelry is concerned, we are looking to add some collections that will focus on "fine jewelry' and 'limited edition' pieces. Once they are gone, they will not be recreated hence keeping the brand fresh and attractive.

What has been your toughest challenge as a small business owner?

Like every small business owner, Mia Siya had a huge setback during the Pandemic. But, we are proud to say that with our loyal customers on our side, they kept us afloat with words of encouragement, their endless support, and ensuring that their occasions were still celebrated, maybe not as grand as they would have wanted, but their life events and occasions included Mia Siya in them.

Your best moment as a designer ?

 I am blessed to say that I have many! But, the one that pops up in my head first, is when this kind gentleman bought his wife of 50 years labradorite, gold plated 3-row bracelet for his wife from Mia Siya. I had tears in my eyes for I felt that his trust in me and my brand was the biggest gift I could have ever dreamt of.

What is your design process?  How are your items produced?

I sketch my designs and get them manufactured from my long-term reliable source from India. My sketches are reviewed by the craftsman, and the gemologists with the firm, and approved and then I get samples of them. Once I approve the samples the designs are then sent to production. The process takes between 3-4 before I get them in my hands.

Any advice or anything else you would like to add?

Always design from your heart, for yourself!

If you see yourself wearing it then you will see your customers wear and enjoy them too.

Try to be different every now and then.

If an experience speaks to me, hold on to it tightly and create a memorable design that will capture that experience!