Our Ethos

Our Ethos:

We believe in living right. We believe in a balanced life. We believe in high quality, sustainable, handcrafted items from independent designers, artists and artisans that lasts forever. Because we believe in having just the right amount of material possessions. Not lack. Not excess. We believe in humanity and human dignity, we support fair trade items. We believe in items that are ethically sourced and ethically made. We support communities of makers and crafters that employs and provides for families especially in poor communities. We supports small brands who produce small batches of items that are truly made with love from small studios/workshops from around the globe. Small batches ensures zero waste and reduce the demand for Earth's natural resources. We support talent and creativity. Living right is doing something for your soul and not existing merely for materialistic gains and ego. Contrary to the image of the industry we belong to, we want to support sustainability and quality craftsmanship but are against 'extreme luxury' and pure materialism.

Ethically produced items are priced higher than mass produced cheap items but lower than luxury items. Most cheap items are made in quality that does not last very long, which will make you buy more in the long run, thus create more waste and harm to our environment. Also, they are produced in conditions below human dignity -- our inherent and inalienable right. Luxury items are items that are not just ridiculously priced but also extremely unnecessary. This mostly exists for ego and entertainment. We are not in this temporary world to show off. We are not here to consume and take from the environment way more than we need. Pure materialism is a sign of poverty of the human spirit, of unhappiness and low level of wellbeing. We are here to live and give of our best, serve and provide value to others. People who support, serve and give more also experience higher level of joy, contentment and fulfillment. Supporting small businesses, sustainable and ethical brands and choosing responsible products not just contribute to the society as a whole but also our planet.  We are here to share of ourselves and our resources and support others in their noble endeavors and when we have more than enough, it becomes our duty to share to the less fortunate to create a better world. This is sustainable living.

- Claire, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of FashionRooftop



Claire Burroughs Perez